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We know how stressful and costly the process can be. We work with Family Law firms throughout the country to source you the best advice at the best price. Contact us for more details.

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The Divorce Brokers work with you to plan your pathway through divorce. We will discuss with you which aspects of the process you can complete yourself and then identify where you may need additional support from lawyers and mediators. At this stage of the process, we search our specially compiled database and recommend the most suitable and dedicated professional for the job, requesting quotations on your behalf.

Using our service, not only saves you time and stress, but valuable funds too. We ensure you are quoted the most reasonable prices for the services required and help control costs that can easily spiral.

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We understand that the divorce process can be stressful and complicated. Here at the divorce brokers we can help you to find the most suitable lawyer based on your own individual circumstances.

Reduce conflict
Reduce Conflict

Conflict achieves very little but increase your costs. Know where you stand and work towards an achievable result.

Save Time

Save time and money. We source the best costs estimates for you from our database of registered lawyers.

Cut Costs

Costs can often spiral out of control.

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Move on knowing that you have made a significant saving on what is often a costly process.

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Once it determined what you need legal assistance with, we will source you a number of costs estimates from the Family Law firms registered with us. Select which estimate and firm you prefer.